Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stevia Leaf

   Ever wonder why you can't go into the store and buy whole Stevia Leaf? Well, seems as though the FDA hasn't given it the thumbs up yet.  Don't hold your breath - since the pharmaceutical companies OWN the FDA, and over consumption of refined white sugar causes a myriad of health issues  . . . well, do the math. According to the Starwest Botanicals web site, "As a real threat to the vast sugar-aspartame industry, Stevia continues to be highly politicized in the US. While no one in Japan has complained about any Stevia related health problems for the past thirty years, over 75% of food-additive related complaints in the US are about Aspartame, which is supposedly safe. In 1995, the FDA, balancing public pressure with industry pressure, approved Stevia as a 'nutritional supplement' but not as a sweetener in the United States."  If you've ever tried the whole leaf, you'll know why they don't want it available.  It's not anything like "Truvia" or any other stevioside product. It's almost cool to the tongue and easy to control the strength.
   Stevia leaf contains many vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, rutin, zinc, iron and magnesium.  Naturopaths have long used Stevia to regulate blood sugar levels. Stevia users have also reported lower incidence of colds and flu. The herb can aid in weight loss by reducing appetite and can be used to suppress cravings for alcohol and tobacco. 
Just this year I decided to grow my own, and it was a success. It is unlike anything else, and I love how just the smallest amount included in most BluLes Herbal Teas makes all the difference.
Knowledge is power,

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