Saturday, August 11, 2018

So Much To Learn, So Little Time!

Cancer, are you kidding me? My little Sis is fighting it like crazy, she's decided that Chemo is NOT for her and we are both testing the limits of our learning abilities. Instead of sharing what I've learned so far, I'm going to just post links of the Books, Dr's, and Online sources that have given me hope, challenged my thinking, and freaked out many of my loved ones!

The Truth About Cancer         

Dr. Jonathan Murphy         

Dr. Brian Gabbert

Medical Medium Book             

Phoenix Tears - The Rick Simpson Story

Dr. Adam Del Torto                 

 Original Essiac Tea

I'm grateful for a body that can heal itself. Taking care of that wonderful gift has never been more important to me. Together, we'll get thru this Bird, I promise.

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